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Pomegranate collection research in Turkmenistan Gregory M. Levin

 Best Pomegranates at UCDavis by Dr. Levin


 Pomegranate cultivars at the US Southeastern Fruit and Nut Lab, Byron, GA.
These selections were brought from Turmenistan (Russia - R) or Iran (I) in 1976.

 ID#     Cultivar Name
Russian 2     Mejhos 6269
R5     Sakerdze
R6     Al-sirin-nar
R7     Kaim-anor
R8*     Salavatski
R9     Kaj-acik-anor
R11     Sejanec 2-5/8
R12     Apseronski krasnyj
R14     Krmyzy-kabuh (Denau)
R16     Kara bala miursal
R19     Nikitski ranni
R20     Zubejda (Denau)
R24     Kunduzski
R25     Bala Miursal
R26     Afganski
R29     Apseronski
R30     Kazake
R31     Saartuzski (Yalta)
R33     Surh-anor
Iran 2     Alk Pust Ghermez Saveh
I 5     Shirin yazd
I 6     Tabestani malas Biranden saveh
I 7     Dorosht 5 hahanshahi Khoramabad
I 8     Entek habi saveh
I 9     Shrin pust siah
I 10     Mahali Dezful
I 11     Shirin Pust Ghermez Saveh
I 12     Shirin Kuhy Ardakan

* There are selections from this collection in circulation and known by their Russian ID number.
For example, Russian 8 is available from nurseries.
It should not be identified as such, but by its proper name, SALAVATSKI.


      There are several different methods of peeling a Pomegranate.

 One method, as seen in the video below, shows you how to peel one  under water.


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